What is the best conference in college football?

The Criteria for Judging the Best Conference

Before we delve into the debate of which conference is the best in college football, we must first establish the criteria that we will use to evaluate each conference. In this section, I will discuss key factors such as the strength of the teams, the performance in bowl games, the number of national championships won, individual player awards, and the number of players sent to the NFL. It’s also crucial to consider the consistency of the conference's performance over the years, as a single year of success does not equate to overall superiority.

The SEC: Dominance in Championships

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) has long been considered one of the strongest conferences in college football. Their claim to the top spot is largely based on their dominance in national championships, with Alabama and LSU leading the charge. The SEC has won 11 of the last 15 national championships, which is a testament to the strength and depth of the teams in this conference. Additionally, the SEC consistently sends a high number of players to the NFL, further highlighting the quality of the players in this conference.

The Big Ten: A Balance of Academics and Athletics

The Big Ten Conference is another strong contender for the title of the best conference in college football. Known for balancing high academic standards with competitive football, the Big Ten boasts teams like Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State. These teams have consistently been in the mix for the College Football Playoff and have produced numerous NFL stars. Additionally, the Big Ten has shown its depth with teams like Wisconsin and Iowa regularly making it to bowl games.

The ACC: Home of Consistent Contenders

The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) may not have the same depth as the SEC or the Big Ten, but it cannot be overlooked. Teams like Clemson and Florida State have been consistent contenders on the national stage, with Clemson winning two of the last five national championships. The ACC also boasts some of the most exciting players in college football, such as the recent NFL first overall pick Trevor Lawrence from Clemson.

The Pac-12: The Conference of Champions

The Pac-12 Conference, self-proclaimed as the "Conference of Champions", certainly has a rich history in college football. Universities like USC, Oregon, and Washington have all had their moments of glory. However, the conference has struggled in recent years to keep up with the SEC, Big Ten, and ACC in terms of national championships and NFL draft picks. The Pac-12, however, is often recognized for its competitive balance, with any team having the potential to win the conference in any given year.

The Big 12: High-Flying Offenses

The Big 12 Conference is known for its high-flying offenses and exciting games. With teams like Oklahoma and Texas, the Big 12 has often been in the national conversation. However, the conference's focus on offense often comes at the expense of defense, which can hinder its teams in the postseason. Despite this, the Big 12 has produced numerous NFL stars and has the potential to be the best conference in any given year.

Group of Five: The Underdogs

While the "Power Five" conferences often get the most attention, the "Group of Five" conferences - the American Athletic Conference (AAC), Conference USA, the Mid-American Conference (MAC), the Mountain West Conference (MWC), and the Sun Belt Conference - cannot be overlooked. These conferences have produced teams like UCF, Boise State, and Appalachian State that have disrupted the traditional power structure of college football and have proven they can compete with anyone.

Independent Teams: The Outsiders

Lastly, we have the independent teams like Notre Dame, Army, and BYU. These teams do not belong to any conference and therefore have unique schedules that often include a mix of teams from different conferences. While these teams can face challenges in terms of scheduling and lack the safety net of a conference championship, they also have the freedom to create their own path to the postseason.

Conclusion: The Verdict

In the end, determining the best conference in college football is a difficult task. Each conference has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the balance of power can shift from year to year. However, based on the criteria we have discussed – strength of teams, performance in bowl games, national championships, player awards, and NFL draft picks, the SEC seems to hold a slight edge over the other conferences. But remember, in college football, anything can happen and that's what makes this sport so exciting!

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